Historical city walks - August (UK)


Stændertorvet 1
4000 Roskilde


+45 46 31 65 65

Join us on one of the exciting summer walks in Roskilde!

The guided tours last 1 hour and start by the fountain on the square called Stændertorvet (right outside the Tourist Information).

The tour takes you around the streets of Roskilde, and you will learn about the cultural and historical past of the city. 

The tours start at Stændertorvet
which has been the city centre and marketplace since the Middle Ages. Here, you will learn more about the former city hall and Saint Laurence Church ruin. After this, we cross over the square to the Yellow Palace, which was originally built for the royal family in the 1730s. Also you will learn more about Roskilde Cathedral which we will look at from the outside.

Citywalks in August in english - Every monday 1pm: 5/8 - 12/8 - 19/8 - 26/8

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+45 46 31 65 65